Feast your eyes on some handy financial calculators to crunch all kinds of numbers for any situation. These calculators can be used for crunching your net worth, mortgage or loan payments, loan affordability, savings goal or target retirement number. You should consider regularly evaluating your financial circumstances by using these calculators to get better perspectives on where you stand with respect to your goals. Lastly, they’re free to use and privacy focused in that they do not require any personally identifiable information.

Net Worth Calculator

Net Worth Calculator

Get to know your net worth and how you can increase it. This handy calculator has got you covered with getting that perfect net worth snapshot.

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Car Expenses Calculator

Car Expenses Calculator

Find out of your flashy new ride or old clunker is chewing up way too much of your hard earned cash.

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loan payment calculator

Loan Repayment Calculator

Find out how much a loan would cost based on assumed principle, interest rate, and duration.

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loan affordability calculator

Loan Affordability Calculator

Learn about what you could receive from lenders based on how much you can afford to pay monthly.

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retirement calculator

Retirement Calculator

See how much your initial lump sum and annual contributions will grow based on an assumed interest or return rate.

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simple savings calculator

Simple Saving Calculator

View how your savings account balances can grow with the magic of compound interest.

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budgeting calculator

Budgeting Calculator

Figure out how much you could put aside from your after-tax income for necessities, discretionary spending and savings or investment accounts.

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savings goal calculator

Savings Goal Calculator

If you’ve got a savings goal in mind, use this calculator to find out how much you need to put aside each month to get there.

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