Want to leave your current job and start your own digital business? Or have you started with a side hustle but still can’t figure out how to time your exit to devote 100% of your time to your own business? Learn how you can plan your transition by equipping yourself with information, resources and insights to achieve a higher chance of success when engineering an exit from your employer to start and run your own business. You’ll also be introduced to some frameworks you can use to come up with business ideas and how to build and deploy prototypes to test which ones can be viable businesses.

No 100% sure you want to be a full-time entrepreneur just yet? You’ll also learn about how you can potentially transition your employment contract to a consultant contract, thereby giving you greater flexibility to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors while having the security of a predictable income stream.

The book devotes sections to determining if entrepreneurship is right for you. It takes into account your current capabilities and where you are in life. There’s always a time and place to start a new business. Timing of your aspirations is equally as important as timing of the opportunity.

Get insights for deciding if entrepreneurship is right for you. You’ll also learn about the Four Step Transition Plan. This multi-step plan’s execution ensures a smooth transition into being your own boss. The book also provides metrics for gauging your progress along the way. All to help you avoid big mistakes that have taken down countless early stage businesses. Save yourself time and money headaches too.

Get both feet out from your full-time job and confidently prepare yourself for the experience of being an entrepreneur.

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