How to Trade Futures Contracts for Commodities

How to trade futures contracts for Commodities

The formal regulation of futures trading in the United States and the UK towards the end of the 20th century ...
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Founder Fit Checklist for Angel Investing

The Founder Fit Checklist for Angel Investing

Here I share some of my experiences on the dozens of start-ups I have invested in as well as co-founded ...
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How to Trade Stock Options

How to trade Stock Options

Options trading enables traders to essentially place a timed bet on whether or not the price of the underlying asset, ...
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How to invest in Bonds

How to trade government, corporate or municipal bonds

Bonds, also known as fixed-income assets, comprise of the largest securities market across the globe, offering a wide range of ...
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How to Buy or Sell Shares in Pre-IPO Companies

How to buy or sell shares in Pre-IPO Companies

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) market has become increasingly popular over the years, following its share listing credibility and increased ...
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How to trade cryptocurrencies

How to trade Cryptocurrencies

Since the inception of the first cryptocurrency in 2009, the crypto space has attracted millions of traders in pursuit. In ...
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How to Short Sell Stocks

How to Short-Sell Stocks

Short selling, also known as shorting, is an old trading technique that traces its origin in the 17th century. Short ...
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Customer and Employee Centered Method to Angel Investing

Using Customer & Employee Feedback for Angel Investing

I don't spend much time looking at pitch decks or business plans anymore before I make an angel investment. That ...
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Secondary Market Trading

How to buy or sell shares in Private, Unlisted Companies on Secondary Markets

The stock market is one of the most fundamental components of the global economy, providing investors with unlimited trading opportunities ...
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