How to create and sell Ebooks as Self Publisher

Making Money from Ebooks

The internet revolutionised how we make our money and how we spend it. Entrepreneurs have also shifted to online means of marketing their products such as emailing, social media marketing and ads. The internet enables new and experienced writers to generate a life-long source of cash-flow, with no need for traditional publishers.

You can avoid the challenging process of finding a publisher and other issues writers experience if you shift to self-publishing. All you need is your computer and an internet connection. Self-publishing eliminates the cost of printing the books, distribution costs, storage cost, plus loses from the books that don’t sell. A writer who sells over the internet only needs to market their Ebooks. Millions of Ebooks are sold every year, and the number is expected to rise given the popularity of Ebook readers.

What are Ebooks?

Ebooks are books written in a format that can be uploaded or downloaded online. Writers can write the books themselves or work with hired writers available on freelancing platforms. Traditional publishers tend to deal with a specific niche in writing. Ebook writers can cover any topic as long as they have a targeted online market for their books. You can increase your chances of selling by aligning your work with popular writing or genre trends. Try to not let the crowd drive your decision making too much. You should look to write in a niche where you have the necessary skills, interest or experience for the subject.

Most traditional publishers first review your work before deciding whether it should be published or not. However, self-publishing has no restrictions on what you can publish as long as you anticipate that it will sell. You also take control of the platforms where you sell your book. Unlike traditional publishing, where you had to rely on bookstores for your work to get into the hands of readers.

Time Saving Tip 1: Don’t have the time to write an Ebook on your own? There sites like whereby you can get support on writing, publishing or marketing your Ebook. They also provide a full ghost writing service if you want end-to-end support.

How can you sell Ebooks?

Ebook publishers have several options when it comes to selling their work. You can reach customers globally by setting up a personal website and sell the Ebooks directly from the site. You can upload the books in a PDF format that would downloadable every time a buyer completes an order. You can use a global online payment platform, such as PayPal, for payment links of your Ebook. The system should be programmed to send the reader a download link immediately after making the payment.

The system is automated, thus giving you more time to market your work. You can also use the website to study the customers’ behaviours for better-targeted marketing whenever you launch a new Ebook. This will help you optimize your pricing and knowledge of your best selling categories or genres.

Time Saving Tip 2: Just need to monetize your book? There are also services like that make it easy to monetize your Ebook. You can also use to monetize any other online content such as PDF guides, films, music or courses. You won’t need to create a website or sign up to a payment processing solution to handle your orders.

How can you use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing?

Self-publishers who want to sell their work easier can work with other third-parties, such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Millions of prospective Ebook readers around the world visit Amazon when looking for a new book to read. Having your book on the site means you have a higher chance of selling as they may find it when searching for a related title or keyword. You can build your audience for your Ebooks by relying on Amazon to drive a part of your sales.

Amazon will charge you a commission on your sales. Thus, you may not make as much money as selling directly from your site. Third-party selling sites are, however, primarily for new writers because they help them reach an audience that they would not be able to easily access on their own. Most of these sites have a simple and straight forward registration process that is open to all.

If you are undecided amongst the options to create or sell your Ebook, you can rely on multiple sales channels. Selling through a third-party platform may not be as profitable, but they will help your Ebook get greater awareness. You can try to funnel readers to more profitable channels such as your own website. Whereby you can then sell your other Ebooks at a higher profit. As a starting point, try putting one of your works on the third-party sites. You can use this as a lead generation channel to drive people to your website. Once on your website, you can get visitors to subscribe to updates on your future writing projects or blog.

How to create an Ebook?

One great thing about Ebooks is that they don’t have to follow the traditional publishing categorisation. If you are a blogger, you can use your existing online work. This can be done by combining your blog posts in a manner that makes sense as chapters or sections. Combine related topics and edit where you feel that the content is not relevant for your targeted readers. If the job seems daunting, hire freelance writers to organise the work for you into a helpful format or structure.

Also, always aim to write something fresh. You will need to dedicate more time and effort if you are a first time writer. Start with compiling your ideas into an outline and then fill in the content. You should write portions of your book every day to avoid losing the morale. A daily, dedicated effort helps when aiming to achieve the goal of finishing the book.

If you are self-publishing and find creating an Ebook from scratch challenging there are some short cuts. You can source content for a new book from work that is already in the public domain. The copyright for most written works expires after 70 years. This means you can rely on these books to form the basis of your story without fear of legal repercussions. Project Gutenberg has digital versions of over 60,000 Ebooks where the copyrights have expired. These pieces can help you get ideas on your story.

Most people have read these books. However, with a rewrite you can make them appealing by injecting your own twist of creativity. This would include changing the books setting, time period, characters, plot or really any other elements of the story. Try not to use too much existing content, but just enough to get you started and inspired.

How to market your Ebook to attract readers?

Marketing is a crucial part of making online writing a profitable venture. Self-publishing allows you to find readers for your work, unlike in traditional publishing where you have to rely on the sales strategies of the publisher. The internet has a variety of platforms that you can use to reach a global audience without spending much.

The best way to market your Ebook is through a multichannel approach. Use different platforms to reach your targeted audiences. The reason why a multichannel approach is beneficial is the fact that you can target different reader groups. For example, you can run FaceBook or Instagram ads to make potential readers aware of your Ebook. You can also use video ads on YouTube. If your Ebook is on a niche topic, you can use Google AdWords for very specific keywords to narrow your audience.

Make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to create an online fan base. You should keep fans updated about your works and works in progress. Once you’ve built a following, you can drive Ebook sales through social media followers without paying for advertising.

Encourage contacts to spread the news about your work through their social media platforms and by word of mouth. Allow visitors to your website to provide their email addresses so you can use promote your existing and future works.

Wrap up

The idea of self-publishing has made it easier for newbie writers to make money by selling their work online. You can create an income through writing and selling Ebooks if you have a passion for writing. The process is simple, plus you have the control of everything related to your book, unlike in traditional publishing where a writer depends on the publishers for all the process. Write your book, then decide your selling platform and upload your book to be on your way to earning money online from selling your Ebook.