How much can Players make at Wimbledon?

Wimbledon Tennis Prize

The appealing sight of courts covered in green grass and fans watching the game as they savour cream and strawberries means one thing. Wimbledon is live. Wimbledon tennis tournament, or just Wimbledon Championships, as it is widely referred to, is undoubtedly one of the most famous and oldest tennis tournaments in the entire world. The first tournament took place in 1877. Since then, only the Croquet Club and All England Lawn Tennis have had the honour to host the championship. The tennis tournament usually takes place over two weeks, in early July and late June.

Today, there are four major tennis tournaments termed the ‘Grand Slams’. Of all the tournaments, Wimbledon tennis stands out as the only tournament played on grass. Of the three remaining tournaments, the French Open action takes place on clay, whereas the US Open and the Australian Open are played on hard courts. Tennis players invest their talent and time to fetch trophies and cash prizes. Read on to understand how much tennis players make on Wimbledon and other Grand Slams.

When did Wimbledon start awarding players with prize money?

Prize money motivates players to display their best gameplay. As a tennis player, you get recognised and do what you love most in front of your fans. In addition, you get paid more money to entertain fans with your gameplay. According to Forbes, Roger Federer joins the list of highest-paid athletes by making a whopping 93.4 million pounds. The famous Novak Djokovic also makes a statement with 50.6 million pounds.

In 1968, Wimbledon featured the first edition, which took place under the Open era. In that tournament, amateurs and professionals were allowed to compete alongside. Since then, both male and female players, take some awards home after displaying an epic game of skills and tactics.

How do tennis players make money at Wimbledon?

Professional tennis players who participate in the Wimbledon tournament generate money through exhibition fees, tournament prize money, endorsement sponsorships and deals, and appearance fees.

Last year, fans and players were made to eagerly wait for the championship after it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the players who would have been listed in the singles tournament will pocket 25,000 pounds minimum, with doubles, qualifiers, and wheelchair participants each receiving money for participating. This year, the tournament is expected to occur in real-time, and gamers are ready to carry the day.

Richard Lewis, the chief executive officer of the Wimbledon tournament, says the last few months have been tough, and players have faced uncertainties. Many players had anticipated winning prize money at Wimbledon last year. However, the coronavirus pandemic led to the cancellation of the tournament.

Last year, 256 players were listed to play in the singles main draws. As a result of the insurance cover and policies, the players were awarded 25,000 million pounds. The 16 players in the wheelchair event received 6,000 million pounds each. Following last year’s event cancellation, some clubs, such as the All England Club, raised 1.2 million pounds to support the affected participants and other charities.

Wimbledon 2021 Tennis Tournament

The last Wimbledon edition was cancelled, and a huge void was left in the world of tennis. This year, Novak Djokovic is looking forward to filling the gap by seeking his sixth title at Wimbledon and the 20th Grand Slam victory. There are several big names in the 2021 Wimbledon tennis tournament. Top players like Federer are looking to grace the event and claim the title. Federer has eight wins at Wimbledon and 20 career Grand Slam titles.

Serena Williams is looking forward to winning her 24th Grand Slam and pulling an equal with Margaret Court for women. According to CBS sports, Williams is expected to launch her quest when the tournament begins as Naomi Osaka skipped the tournament. Ashleigh Barty is another player to watch at the tournament.

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Prize Money Breakdown

Both men and women tennis players are aiming to win the prize money as the tournament begins. The total pot has been set at 35 million pounds. The total prize money fell by almost 8%, compared to 2019, where the pot was set at 38 million pounds. Over the years, winners in the men category were rewarded heavily compared to their female counterparts. As a result, a policy was passed to ensure both men and women tennis players pocket equal prize money.

RoundSingles (128 Players)Doubles (64 Pairs)Mixed Doubles (64) Pairs
Fourth round£181,000£30,000£6,000
Third round£115,000£19,000£3,000
Second round£75,000£12,000£1,500
First round£48,000N/AN/A
Qualifier 3£25,500N/AN/A
Qualifier 2£15,500N/AN/A
Qualifier 1£8,500N/AN/A

Male and female players who emerge as winners of the singles tournament will pocket £1.7 million pounds (about $2.35 million USD). However, the 2021 prize money is slightly low compared to what 2019 winners garnered, as Simona Help and Novak Djokovic got £2.35 million each. In this tournament, the doubles and the mixed doubles winners are set to pocket £800,000 and £100,000, respectively.

The singles runner-up will get £900,000, £240,000 for the doubles, and £50,000 for the mixed doubles runner-up. Players who will qualify for the first phase will get £8,500. Real money will set in during the second round, as the winner will collect £75,000 for both the men’s and women’s tournament.

Are fans allowed to attend the Wimbledon tournament?

Due to the COVI-19 restrictions, the business won’t be as usual this time around. At first, the capacity will be regulated to 50%. However, the capacity is expected to increase to total capacity on Centre Court over the last weekend of the tournament. Therefore, the tournament will start at half capacity.

According to the AELTC (All England Lawn Tennis Club), the smaller Show Courts are granted to open the doors for 75% capacity. In the quarterfinals and fourth round, the AELTC aims to increase the Courts and Centre allocations. This will allow players to finesse their skills in front of their fans. Get set for the Manic Monday, which is one of the most exciting days for tennis fanatics.

Wrap up

Wimbledon Championships are here again after last year’s cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As fans await to see their top players perform, participants are ready for action with the primary aim of collecting the trophies and the prize money. The big question is, who will emerge as the winner and pocket the £1.7 million prize?

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