What is a black swan event?

What is a Black Swan event?

A black swan event is something that happens without anyone expecting it and that has huge consequences. These events are ...
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How People Make Money on the Dark Web

How do people make money on the dark web?

Many people who are reading this have probably never heard of the term Dark Web. Even those who have heard ...
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Launch a local services business

Why you should try launching a local business before a global SaaS business

Here's something you probably haven't considered as an aspiring tech entrepreneur. Why not test your grit by testing a simple ...
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How to find a lawyer for your business

Find a lawyer for your business

Regardless of what type of business you own, sooner or later you will most likely need to find an accountant ...
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Making Money from Trading Cards

How to make money with trading cards

While some people are buying and selling stocks or works of art to make money, an increasing number of people ...
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Charity Donations U.S. Taxpayers

Tax deductible charity donations for U.S. tax payers

According to a recent poll, about 55% of American citizens donated to charities in 2020. Around 25% of them donated ...
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How the US Government Spends Taxpayer Money

How the US Government spends taxpayer money

Death and taxes are certain, but so is government waste when it comes to spending your tax money. No matter ...
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How the UK government spends tax money

What does the UK Government do with taxpayer money?

Who is a taxpayer and why should I care? A taxpayer is a person or unit that is expected to ...
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U.S. Federal Income Taxes

U.S. Federal Income Tax Brackets

Although tax deadlines are once a year, taxes are paid year-round. The U.S. Federal Tax brackets for the current year ...
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