Multi Level Marketing

Are MLM companies worth your time? (Probably not)!

MLM stands for ‘multi-level marketing’. Companies that are considered MLM are usually small businesses that sell their products or services ...
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What is EBITDA

EBITDA explained

Readers who regularly follow the latest financial news will undoubtedly have come across the term EBITDA. Yet, what is it ...
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Wimbledon Tennis Prize

How much can Players make at Wimbledon?

The appealing sight of courts covered in green grass and fans watching the game as they savour cream and strawberries ...
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NCAA Student Athlete Income

How big is this weeks Supreme Court Ruling on NCAA Student Athlete Income?

This week has been monumental when it comes to student athlete income. On June 21, 2021, the US Supreme Court ...
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Opportunity Cost

What is opportunity cost?

We live in a reality where scarcity and choice are everyday realities. An individual can not both spend the day ...
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Break Even Analysis

What is break even analysis?

Break even analysis is a method of determining the sales volume required for an item to be sold at a ...
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What is a black swan event?

What is a Black Swan event?

A black swan event is something that happens without anyone expecting it and that has huge consequences. These events are ...
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How People Make Money on the Dark Web

How do people make money on the dark web?

Many people who are reading this have probably never heard of the term Dark Web. Even those who have heard ...
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Launch a local services business

Why you should try launching a local business before a global SaaS business

Here's something you probably haven't considered as an aspiring tech entrepreneur. Why not test your grit by testing a simple ...
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