Are you grown up yet?

Grown up calculator

Are you grown up yet? Many of us have been trained from a young age that growing up is when the fun begins. We can drive a car, drink beer and live in our own homes without parents telling us what to do. Much of our development comes is linked to activities that participate in the government and economic forces around us. Voting registration s, bank accounts, insurance products, mortgage, brokerage accounts; the list goes on.

Below is a grown-up calculator that determines your ‘maturity’ based on your engagement in the economy and community as you get older. The point of the calculator isn’t to shame you if you’re scoring low on the grown-up scale. It is meant to illustrate that relative to others in the United States, that you may be slightly behind or ahead of the average. What is the average? Take the quiz to find out. Don’t forget to share it with friends and family so you can all wallow in despair or pat yourselves on the back for reaching grown-up status. In case you’re wondering, we analyze your grown up score based on the factors outlines below.


This part of the quiz looks at your relationships. There are questions on your current relationship status, if you have any children, as well as if you support your children financially. Why is this important? If you’re a responsible grown-up chances are you support your children financially in some way, either with your own funds or those of family or a partner.

Property & Living Arrangements

Unfortunately, living at someone else’s house being a freeloader. You should be able to stand on your own two feet. However, there are circumstances where you need to care for family or friends and thus, the calculator accounts for these situations without affecting your grown-up score. Even though you can afford to buy or rent, you could be moving homes, or just get awesome perks for being cool or a celebrity. We understand.

Financials & Investments

The section on your Financials & Investments looks at the products you use to build your retirement nest egg. There is also a question on the insurance products you may or may not use. There is no weighting here for any individual product. So, you’re scored equally across each one you have under ownership.

Civic Engagement

What makes a person an engaged citizen? Pretty simple, registering to vote, having a drivers license, paying taxes and regularly voting in elections are pretty good indications you are a grown-up having some level of involvement in your community.

Wrap up

Anything we miss? Feel like you should have score more points? Let us know by commenting below. If you’re unhappy with you’re score we are definitely taking recommendations for improving the formula.